hi there i'm claire, i'm 18 and from brisbane. i love cinema, music, plants, pups and tim :)

Thierry Feuz, Supernatural

not kidding about the jb thing, I even shazaamed it to check that it was actually jb….


If a Tree Falls in the Woods by foregorp on Flickr.

justin bieber is playing on triple j??


“secrets of twilight”

Juan Aballe

Thunder and lightning in Summerland, 2012

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I was tagged by wiccca!! 

1) What do you love about your name, do you think it suits you?

I love my last name bc it’s French for wild and that’s pretty cool!! I’d love to live in the wild! Not that any truly ‘wild’ and untouched landscapes exist these days… but if they did, I’d be there! So yes, my last name suits me :)

As for my first name however…
The bitchy girls in YA novels are often called Claire, and since I know that, I can never really see my first name as fitting me. But that’s ok, names aren’t a big deal :)

2) If money/academic scores/location/any other obstacles weren’t an issue, what would you ultimately want to do with your life?

Manage national parks/reserves in Iceland.

3) What is the weirdest conversation you’ve ever had with your parent/s?

Hmmm idk they happen quite often but maybe when mum told me she thought she was a chook in her past life n friggin started making chook noises and they were actually so accurate

4) Would you rather eat poop that tastes like chocolate or chocolate that tastes like poop?

Chocolate that tastes like poop of course! Just like the real thing but not really the real thing!!

5) Fave comedian?

I’ll be honest and say I don’t keep up with this sort of thing….. same goes for tv shows…….

6) Fave alcoholic beverage?

Vodka lime soda!!! yum yum!!

7) What is your most irrational fear?

That Tony Abbott will stay in power somehow and become some crazed capitalist dictator, ruin all of our natural resources and bring so much social polarisation that we become just as unstable and unsafe as the developing countries we see struggling today…

It’s only really irrational because I know he’ll be voted out before he has the chance to do that.

8) What is your favourite physical feature? Why?
Hmm I like my lips! they’re pretty cool I guess!

9) What was your happiest moment so far?
My happiest moment was probably when I skiied down a mountain with krule playing in the background. That was bliss

10) Would you rather have fingers as long as your legs? or legs as long as your fingers???
Fingers as long as my legs!!!! They’ll call me spidey c

11) Describe your aesthetic.
My aesthetic is somewhere in between idealism and realism, wooden cabins, big gardens full of fresh produce, snowy mountains, temperate forests, mellow red lights and huskies.

My Q’s:

1) Describe your ideal wedding (if you believe in weddings/want to have a wedding).

2) What is your favourite fruit?

3) Do you prefer art or science?

4) Would you rather live by the beach or in the mountains?

5) Top 5 favourite artists (from any medium)?

6) Top 5 favourite films?

7) When you’re feeling stressed, what do you do to relax?

8) What are your favourite types of plants?

9) Assuming both were endangered and you could only save one, would you rather conserve a vital species of insect or a polar bear?

10) Coffee, tea, soft drink, juice or alcohol?

11) Describe your mother.

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All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show, 1968

Paul Pfeiffer, The Playroom, 2012

Waterfowl Lakes - Banff (Canada) by Mono Andes 

Canna, Scotland, United Kingdom